Using Sharefile, Browsing, Navigating, and Uploading

Before you can generate any reports, we need your data. The way you can get your data to us is through a secure cloud-based file sharing service. We understand your data is private, and we don’t want to take any chances of that data getting into the wrong hands. Our policies conform to all of the student privacy requirements, and if you are so inclined you can view that here.


Let’s begin!


First off, we need to get to the ShareFile login, which can be accessed by going to either the Multiple Measures site, or the MMARS Login page, which looks like either of these


Once you get logged in, you’ll see a page like this, with your school instead of Hometown USD  and with all the tests and roster folders for your school, they should be empty, unless you’ve already uploaded something before.


Let’s go ahead and say we have some Smarter Balanced Test results to upload, and go ahead and look at what the upload process is like.

So from here, we can go into a year file, and it will either be empty or have previous data if you’ve uploaded data there before.


From here, the process is pretty self-explanatory, you click the year you want, and click the upload files option in the top right or click and drag your data files into the upload window.


Once you finish uploading something, we here at Multiple Measures are automatically notified of your upload, so you don’t have to message us or notify us.


Additionally, when your data is uploaded to us, it is not readily available in MMARS, we have to go through a process to make it available. Usually the data is available within 2 days of uploading, typically much faster than that though.


And don’t worry about constantly checking, we’ll notify you when your data is available for reporting in MMARS.


Happy Uploading!