Welcome to MMARS!


Today you will be learning about the MMARS platform and how to navigate, use, and master the platform in order to get quality reports.

Before we begin, let's go over MMARS a bit and understand how it works, how it is used, and how even though they sound the same, it isn’t a small red planet in space. MMARS stands for
Service, and is used by school districts across the nation to get visual, graphic, high-impact reports, based on the results from their state, interim benchmark, and local assessments. 
The MMARS platform has many purposes, such as helping administrators and teachers identify what areas need improvement, and identifying low performing and at-risk students. MMARS displays a wide variety of multi-year side-by-side comparisons of Schools, Grades, Teacher, Subgroups, Subjects, and Clusters. These are but some of the many functions in MMARS; we’ll definitely be exploring and explaining the many more to come.