To enable disaggregation by custom/special student demographics in MMARS, you can provide us with an external file containing those attributes -- presumably exported from your Student Information System (SIS).  We need the following information for each student.  Notes:
  • Please use the required column titles EXACTLY as they are shown below (otherwise, we have to change them).
  • We prefer .CSV text, but Excel format is acceptable.
  • Do not have ANY punctuation in your files.  In particular, the files must be void of all commas, periods, apostrophes, and quotes.

Required Columns:
  1. Firstname
  2. Lastname
  3. Birthdate
  4. StudentID (local)
  5. SSID (state)
  6. SchoolID (7-digit CDS; do not use a local number or name)
  • Each demographic "category" must be in its own column.  You can provide your own descriptive title for each (e.g. "Absenteeism", "AVID", "Military", "My Special Programs").
  • Each student row will contain the specific code that describes their attribute, within that category (e.g. Y or N, Yes or No, codes of 100, 200, 300, etc.).
  • Whenever you provide demographics that are unique to your district, you must provide us with a legend for each possible value in each category.  You can use numeric values or text (e.g. My Special Programs:   1=My Program A, 2=My Program B, 3=My Program C).  If the value/text in the column IS the same as the display description, then just provide us a list of possible entries.  Any value in the data that doesn't match a legend entry will be ignored.
See sample demographic file:  Demographic Additions

We can "attach" the demographics to one or more years/terms of data, but you need to tell us specifically which ones.  The attributes are not strictly student-centric, because they can change over terms or years.  The attributes are bound to the students, but only for the specified terms of score data.
Before you upload your files to us via ShareFile, please name them in such a way that identifies what the data contain, and to what terms they should apply (e.g. HometownUSD_DemographicAdditions_2016-17-Fall-Winter-Spring.csv).

If you have any questions, please email or call us at (530) 295-1262.