Using MMARS on a Mac

MMARS has been adapted to serve as well on a Mac as it already does on a PC, but there are a few minor things to keep in mind:

Making Multiple Selections:

Clicking and dragging over multiple selections is disabled in Apple Safari, but there are different ways to achieve the same result. To select multiple items from the same box (such as years in a Multi-Year report), you can instead-

1.) Hold down the "command" button while clicking each individual choice. This will allow each of your choices to stay selected together.
2.) After making one selection with the mouse, hold down the "shift" key and use the keyboard arrows to highlight adjacent selections.

Both of these methods will allow you to make multiple selections.


Because Macs do not support right-clicking, you must use a combination of the "control" key and a standard mouse click if you want to examine any section of your report more closely. This will produce the effects of a right click.  

Downloading / Unzipping Files:

If you are using Apple Safari, your files will download to the location you have set in Safari >> Preferences as the default download location. If you have not selected any particular destination for your downloads, your files will download to Users >> [Your Name] >> Downloads. An instance of this window will open to show your downloads.

If you have the "Open 'safe' files after downloading" option selected in Safari >> Preferences (a default setting), your files will automatically unzip when they are downloaded. If you have deselected this option, your files will appear in ZIP form. To unzip these files, simply open them by double-clicking.  

Screen Resolution:

The optimal screen resolution for viewing MMARS is 1280 x 1024. Some versions of the Mac Book do not support this resolution, so be advised that you may need to scroll down your screen in MMARS to view all aspects of your reports.